Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rice’s of The Heart

I have heard it said that from the time an infant first struggles to
Get her toes into her mouth, life is a continual struggle to make both Ends meet. Those who are working one or more jobs and feel as if they are barely getting by can relate.

But I also know that the pursuit of money, as an end in itself, is an
Empty endeavor. Happy are those who seek riches which cannot be
Counted in a bank or measured on a scale. For they will never know
Real poverty.

I believe writer Rudyard Kipling got it right when he admonished
Students at McGill University to never waste their time fighting for
Money. He said that some day they will meet someone who cares little
For money and will not take it, even if offered. At that time, they
Will discover how poor they really are!

Yet how very wealthy are those who seek riches of the heart. They will
Always have more than enough of all that brings true happiness.


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