Friday, August 13, 2010

I am Always Misinterpreted

People make assumptions about me that colors their ability to see if what I'm saying makes sense or is plausible. Consequently, nobody understands me and nothing I ever say is ever taken seriously. I am misunderstood not merely because people don't relate to me but because nothing I say about anything is ever taken as a valid statement

People don't ever consider the possibility that if they had more context they might see how what I'm saying is plausible. If I say that a certain thing happened to me they are always skeptical. It doesn't matter how simple or mundane the thing I am trying to convey to them is. They simply assume that what I say can't be true because they believe I'm not capable of understanding what going on in my life.

I speak my mind and it as if no one can hear me .It is like I live behind a glass wall unable to reach out to anyone. I live the daily struggles of life that we must all suffer without anyone who can hear me or be their to understand me.


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