Monday, February 21, 2011

Top Sign of Sexiness

Keeping your hands well-tended is not about metrosexuality, but something that goes beyond the modern day conventions of beauty and wellness. When women can go that extra mile to keep their bodies beautiful, clean, and soft to the touch, is it too much for men to offer them at least well-groomed hands.

A man with neat, moisturized hands is a huge turn-on for a woman, making her want to hold it or even kiss it. It not only boosts the pleasure of lovemaking, but is also the most hygienic way out, for there are parts of a woman’s body that are sensitive to grubby fingers or uncut nails. Even if you are prone to dirtying your hands, ensure they are properly washed, and the nails filed before you meet your lady. Remember, hands are as important a part of your body as any. And by keeping them clean, soft and well-tended, you are only gaining her appreciation. So, take care of your hands, and follow a few quick steps to keep them in top-of-the-world condition.

Wash and cleanse them
To forget washing your hands after a meal is common. Even though you have used a tissue paper, food particles remain stuck around the corner of your nails. So, always remember to use soap and rinse your hands thoroughly. Use a gel or cream cleanser on them everyday before retiring to bed or after a bath. Here you can even adapt a homegrown technique. Use the juice of citrus fruits such as orange or lemon onto your hands, and massage well before rinsing it off with soap. Always towel-dry your hands – they stay soft that way!

Chip off calloused skin and moisturize
Exfoliation is most important for your skin, particularly in maintaining soft, kissable hands. This can be done by soaking your hands for a few minutes in lukewarm water. You can even add drops of hand-wash gel to the water and stir it, before dipping your hands in it. After five minutes, you will be able to peel off the dead skin with a damp sponge. Another way of doing it is to squish orange or cucumber pulp and dab it on your palms, and do a thorough massage. Rinse your hands, and follow it up by rubbing a small quantity of moisturizer into them. Gradually, you can cultivate a habit of using moisturizer every time you wash your hands.

Trim your nails regularly
Men, as a rule of thumb, should always keep their nails clipped. Claw-like nails are capable of bruising your girl in sensitive places, which in no way will be overlooked by her! It is not only an embarrassing situation, but also a matter of how hygiene conscious you are. After trimming, round off the edges with a filer. Don’t forget, women observe!

Use nail hardener – there is nothing dandy about it!
You can even use a nail hardener; it is a kind of varnish for your nails. Hardener helps keep your nails clean and healthy. It is in fact an apt finish to a well-groomed hand. And be sure she will notice your hands with a sense of admiration.

Go for calcium tablets
Brittle nails are indicative of calcium deficiency. There is a range of calcium tablets and supplements on the market that makes nails strong and healthy. Nails too need nutrition, and this can be provided by taking multivitamins with a big dose of calcium. You can even consider a breakfast of green salad with a glass of toned milk. Not to mention, an adequate intake of water during the day.

Care for your hands, and this time, let them do the talking!


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