Monday, June 11, 2012

Adbrite Check Encashment

I received my adbrite check last May 30, 2012, the amount is not so huge ($103) but still it is a money. I wrote this post to share to other blogger with adbrite ads, I know many of you have an experience of having trouble encashing the check. Here is the best way to encash your adbrite check. First you should have a savings account (dollar $500 to open or peso account Php. 2000) with Metrobank. Why Metrobank? It is in the top 3 of best bank here in the Philippines. The past day's since I received the check I already calling costumer support of different bank, the only bank that answer my question clearly is with Metrobank. The only problem i encounter is she told me that I should have an existing savings account with Metrobank before I can deposit the check, at least 6 month old savings account. So if you are with adbrite and you you are near to reach the minimum payment, the best thing you should do is open an account with metrobank 6 months before you receive your check. For me I will open my first account tomorrow and will cnacel my check first. I will email Adbrite support to cancel my check for now until my savings account with Metrobank can accept the check. 


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