Wednesday, July 1, 2009

How to Ask for a Pay Raise

Asking for a Pay Raise
Step 1
Call or email your employer and ask for a private meeting. It is not necessary to divulge why you are asking for a private meeting. Just say you want to talk in private. If your boss wants to know before the meeting, just say you'd like to discuss a pay raise. Your employer may want to be prepared for the meeting.
Step 2
Come to the office the day of the meeting dressed professional. If your office normally dresses casual, just dress to impress your employer the day of the meeting. This will show them you are serious about this meeting and are serious about your job.
Step 3
Stay calm when talking to your employer. Treat this meeting like it is your first interview with this employer. Keep your eyes focused on your employer so they know you are serious. Try not to shift in your seat when talking. If you need to look at your notepad, make it brief. Your employer will be impressed you came prepared to state your case for a pay raise.
Step 4
Produce evidence of your success in the workplace when your employer asks why you want a raise. This is when you take out your notepad with the list of your accomplishments, such as your attendance record, willingness to work extra hours, or ability to assist coworkers.
Step 5
Shake your employer's hand while looking their in the eyes. Your employer may say they need time to think it over and look up your work history and dedication to the company. If the company gives pay raises on a set schedule, you may need to wait until the next pay rise time period.


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