Saturday, June 19, 2010

Should Women Propose to Men?

Remember way back in the year 2000, when Monica proposed to Chandler on Friends? It seemed daring and unusual.

You know what? It still does. Yes, there are women proposing to men, some of them famous, like Jennifer Hudson, and some of them not so famous, like my friend Rudi who proposed to her now-husband over dinner with a home-made book.

But, why isn't it more frequent? After all, the true surprise proposal (where the couple has never even discussed getting married before) is pretty much a thing of the past (thankfully). Today, most couples have already discussed the fact that they plan to get married, they may already be living together, and then the woman sits around and waits for the guy to ask before she considers herself officially engaged.

Why is that? Is it just about the ring? Is it about tradition? Are women worried they'll "scare" guys?

Over on OneWed this month we're running a great contest. Women tell us how they would (or will, or did) propose to their guy and they can win matching platinum wedding bands from jewelry designer Kirk Kara. The rings are worth $4,500, and they're gorgeous!

What do you think should women propose, or should men still do the asking?


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