Monday, June 14, 2010

Things Never To Say To A Woman

Women, it's difficult to understand them.

One moment they are so loving and coy that they make you feel like a giant grizzly, who should protect them from this big, bad world; and the next they are bored and spat venom at whatever you may say. But try to imagine a woman who would always do what you asked her to do, said the right things, loved you for whatever you are worth – wouldn't it be a tad boring?

Before you say 'no', I would like to remind you that you fell for the woman because of her fire, her nastiness, her love and of course, the passion she always displays. But to stay on her right side, you have to know what not to say to her ever. And she will love you forever.

1. May I kiss you?
You are a man who she is out on date with. By asking such a question you are putting yourself in jeopardy. A man should never 'ask' for a kiss as it goes against everything a woman is looking for in a man. You may as well just tell her right there that you are a boy. Eight times of out nine, she is likely to say 'no' – so why even say it in the first place? If you so want to kiss her, grab her and plant a passionate one on her lips and watch her expression – she is going to love you forever!

2. May I take you out on a date?
Women like men to lead, to be in control. When you say something like this, like the above number 1, you lead her to believe you want to follow her. She is not looking for a wimp – but a man to be in control. Ask her out, but in a confident manner, something like, “Hey let's meet up for some drinks tonight?” Be specific, not wishy-washy, tell her the venue and time. And also tell her you'd like her to be punctual. C'mon, there is no harm in coming across as no-nonsense. It might win you brownie points. At least she will open her eyes and look at you.

3. I have it all
Anything about your car, job or house that sounds like you are trying to impress her, should not be talked about. Do you know what kind of guys brag about their cars, jobs and houses to women? Well, the truth is a lot of different kinds of guys, but women put them all in one category: guys who have nothing else to offer. Ask any attractive woman about this and she'll agree. Sure, you may attract some women, but even those women will be far more impressed by your material possessions if you don't mention them in conversation

4. What do you want to do?
There is a saying that a woman likes a 'man with a plan' and it is absolutely true. When you call a woman to hang out, make sure you have a game plan. Don't put the burden on her or she won't see you as the type of guy who can show her a good time.

5. How do you feel about me?
The fact that she is willing to go out with you, is indication enough. Don't ask obvious questions. You not only sound under-confident but also come across as someone who needs constant reassurance. And this can be very tedious. So don't ask, just assume she likes you, and go from there. Why shouldn't she like you?

6. I called, but you didn't call me back
If she doesn't bring up the matter, don't say anything about the call you made which she didn't return or the message she didn't reply to. Think it never happened and proceed forward. By asking her this there are two things 1. Showing that you care that she didn't return it. And it's too early for you to care buddy; 2. Giving her a guilt trip, which women see as insecurity.

7. How many men have you dated before me?
How do you care how many men she has dated before you? As long as she is nice with you and you two are having fun, it is okay. Remember to give a relationship enough time before asking personal or intimate questions. By asking such questions, you may be sealing your own fate. What if she never calls you after this date? You wouldn't want that to happen. It is okay if she brings it up. But trust me, you don't want to be the one to start this conversation. You can only lose.

8. Let's go bowling tomorrow
This is date number one. You don't know about date number two. So don't even hint about it by saying 'Let's eat Thai food next time.' Stop, stop, stop, stop! While this sounds good in theory, you must remember that women not only want but need a guy who is somewhat of a “challenge.” You may want to do some fun activities together, but don't let her know that she has “won you over” too quickly or you'll come off just like every other guy she's gone out with that is ready to “put a ring on it” after date No. 1.

9. I know what we should do
While on the phone, avoid saying tomorrow or next time we'll go there' as you are killing any spontaneity by being predictable. Second, you are also killing any chances of her calling you, as she has to now wait for your call or risk looking desperate. Not good.   


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