Saturday, May 15, 2010

Ways To Make Men Chase You

If you handle things right, you can always keep your guy running after you. Here's how...

Try to not be the one to make the first move. You may be an independent woman, but men like the chase. Also, he shouldn’t take you for granted. If you keep initiating social activities, eventually, you’ll be less of a girlfriend and more of a social life planner.

As the woman, you shouldn’t be overtly sexual at the beginning of the relationship. Keep body contact subtle, like a hand on the knee or touch on the elbow. No matter how ‘evolved’ and ‘modern’ you and your man are, sex is still a big step in any relationship. Also, don’t fall all over him all the time. Keep distance.

Doing little things to show that your guy is on the top of your mind, is a good idea. It could be surprising him by cooking his favorite meal. We don’t mean becoming his personal assistant - these have to be things you like doing for him. Or one fine day, you could do his laundry for him.

Tell him when he’s looking good, remark about how witty he is on a clever joke and always appreciate his good qualities. Help him prepare for a presentation, or dress up for an interview. Let him know about your knowledge of fashion and all things good in life by telling him what to wear or buy sometimes. The aim is to build a network of mutual trust.

Women always want to know where they stand in a relationship and what their future is. Men dread this kind of pressure. They’d rather just enjoy the moment. So don’t keep talking about how all your friends are married and how you want to have babies really fast. It might scare him off.


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