Friday, May 7, 2010

Why Gibo?

Educational Attainment
• Bachelor in Commerce –
De La Salle University
• Bachelor of Laws
– University of the
• Master of Laws – Harvard
Law School
Professional/Public Service
• Secretary, Department
of National Defense
(DND) – 2007 – Nov.
• Congressman, First
District of Tarlac - 1998-
• Member, Sangguniang
Panlalawigan of Tarlac –
• President, Kabataang
Barangay in Tarlac; KB
Federation of Central
Luzon – 1980-1985
• Lawyer
Significant Achievements
Secretary Teodoro was named by
former Senator Vicente Paterno,
vice chairman of the Bishops-
Businessmen’s Conference
(BBC), as one of the most honest
government officials along with
DSWD Secretary Esperanza
He topped the 1989 bar
examinations and is a member
of the State Bar of New York.
Major Positions on Development and Reform Agenda and Other
Major Advocacies
Secretary Teodoro wanted to claim the 3,100-hectare land in
Laur, Nueva Ecija for Mt. Pinatubo victims so that they would
be able to live and cultivate the area. CARP eventually awarded
this land to farmers through the Certificate of Land Ownership
Awards (CLOA).
He advocates for anti-terrorism laws, civil rights protection,
governance and economic development, but has no known
position on the environment.
He joined last-ditch efforts of former Speaker Jose de Venecia
and his allies at the House to amend the 1987 Constitution a
few months before the 2007 mid-term elections. His staff
said that Teodoro came in only when de Venecia opened the
possibility of amending the Constitution by calling a referendum
to get the people’s pulse, or through the election of delegates
to a Constitutional Convention simultaneous with the May 14
Secretary Teodoro is also known for supporting the impeachment
complaint against former Chief Justice Hilario Davide, Jr. in 2003
on charges of corruption for misusing the Judicial Development
He is also closely identified with his uncle, former Marcos crony
and business tycoon Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco Jr., such
that his political choices are not seen by many as independent.
He has defended the policies and actions of President Gloria
When asked why he buckled down when pressured regarding
his position on the RH bill, he said that “for any policy, you have
to work with a consensus. You cannot implement a law that has
massive opposition.”
On the concerns of the AFP, he said that two things must be
built: culture of competence and culture of discipline. He said
“you cannot have discipline if you do not have competence. It
works both ways.” Also, he said that we need to address the
material needs of the armed forces because it is not currently
addressed by the modernization budget.
On his opinion on the Sangguniang Kabataan, he said that there
must be a transition from the SK to regular politics. He proposes
a reduction of the age to elect councilors to 18. He recognizes
that there are benefits to SK, like being taught leadership and
principles of governance but it also has problems like the nature
of the political contest and how some SK Chairs are elected. “We
have to streamline the organization to cure its ills” said Teodoro.
If made to choose one important sector, he said he would
choose agriculture because “our food security is an important
aspect of our economy that must not be forgotten.”
He is in favor of giving the late President Ferdinand Marcos full
state honors and allowing him to be buried at the Libingan ng
mga Bayani. According to him, the late president deserves such
rites as a former soldier who fought for the country during the
World War II and added that Marcos has not been convicted by
any competent court and is therefore presumed innocent of all
the accusations (The Philippine Star, Feb. 21, 2010).


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